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MORE PROOF https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZt5lH0M5sU http://www.seattlepi.com/entertainment/tv/tvguide/article/Actor-Paul-Walker-Dead-at-40-5025023.php ART…


Occult Sin says:

I made another video showing MORE PROOF & explaining why they killed Paul
Walker MORE PROOF Illuminati Killed Paul Walker for the deniers

Occult Sin says:

For all the nay-sayers who think his car crash couldn’t be manipulated
watch this Michael Hastings was sacrificed. Thanks to youtuber: tulsa

3xoticx says:

i watched skull and bones as a kid and didnt really understand it but i
loved it… i grew up and a friend of mine was explaining free masonary to
me.. and how all presidents are a part of these secret meetings at yale and
harvard… and i thought back to that movie and how accurate he was….

Ahmed Ramon says:

Great work.. I always knew it was really murder

HMFTG says:

Be careful with this video, because Edomites hate people who know.

Turtle Bunny says:

Nice work

Cochiti E says:

All true this guy was a sexual predator is
you ask me.

Seriously, has anyone forgotten that his current girlfriend was only 16
and he was 33 when they first started dating.
The mother of Meadow was 17 and he was 25.

SweetRepsKidd says:

Its a bunch of videos. Just look up Kanye west suit and tie rant

Mike D says:

This car hits trees the size of my leg and it blows to pieces? I hit a
utility pole that was 3 times the size of those saplings that the Porsche
gt allegedly hit and my car cut the utility pole clean in half at 40 mph. I
walked away with not a scratch. That car had a bomb in it period

Jimmy Rosser says:

Would of loved to say coincidence but that shits creepy.

Non-theistic behavior says:

I’ll try to watch this stoned the next time. I might actually believe this

1ofFew1z3888 says:

2013= 20+13 = 33

jhonathan barnaba says:

I came here straight from Mark Dice’s video on the subject.
And you make WAY more sense than his ass.

Aj Down says:

Hastings death was very suspicious. Walker just seems like a guy who got in
a car accident. 

Rachelle Rivera says:

If you type in when did paul walker died on google it will say Nov 20 …
didnt he die the 30th?

antoine pruyssers says:

Dude, you realy need to learn the meaning of words like “Proof”, “Theory”,
and “Hypothesis”!
Not to rain on your parade, because you MIGHT have something here, but
“100% PROOF”????

Jasmine Vanessa Rico says:

so tmz knew he was gonna die ??? I’m so confused

Walter Collins says:

This video is complete bullcrap, have some godamn respect! why the fairydust
would some “ultra secret devil worshipping cult” leave all these hints to
reveal their identity? im sick of all this bullshit, he was speeding. in a
porsche going over 100 mph, these things happen

CTFxCerFTW says:

Yes very suspicious that 2 racecar drivers died while in a high powered
vehicle while speeding down the streets.
Coincidence? I think not.

Damon N Lena Blackstock says:

enjoyed your video.. u must put a lot of time and thought into this to get
the truth out! Subbed your channel.. good job!

Chris Bash says:

Im clapping at what this world thinks, you gotta be serious. Here but why
are you assuming something you don’t know.

manooti says:

This makes sense man but why him? Only thing I can think of was he “sold”
out to make it big and it ended him. Lots of shit is going on especially
with posting news before it happens.

Karen Allison says:

I didn’t watch the Fast and Furious franchise movies. but I am so very sad
that Paul Walker and his friend died so horribly. I have a question. Is
EVERYONE, in the overall entertainment industry music movies TV etc. in on
the Illuminati or are there those entertainers out there that don’t know
about it or, haven’t joined or flat out will not join? Because if everyone
knows about the secret societies, then the secret societies are not really
very secret anymore. Of course with the advent of the Internet those types
of secrets become hard to keep. But I’ve known about the Illuminati for
decades through Christian circles. So how does an entertainer stay away
from that kind of evil and make it in the business, or do they make it at
all and just fade away from the public eye. This kind of isn’t related, but
my daughter is into music, and had never heard of Ronnie Millsap. I have
but no one seems to mention his existence. It was rumored on line, that,
he, decided to not accept the Illuminati invitation. That is the kind of,
how do you make it without the Illuminati, question I’m asking. No I have
NO desire to get into the entertainment business. Thanks for the videos and
all of your information.

Steve Donovan says:

Seattle pi doesnt have that article how did u find it

Hanna Marley says:

The good people always have to die, while the evil corrupted ones remain

ivette ortega says:

And…. back in the day people dated someone older all the time. What is
the difference from then and now? He hasn’t made negative headlines at all
and also helped millions of victims from disasters. His character was still
true. We can’t judge what he did.

GamzZ Lawz says:

fairydust u illuminati because of u the world lost a hero like Michael jackson
and tu PAC 

fidah shah says:

This dude has got good knowledge im subscribing 

Os Wes says:

Funny how the replacement dog in family guys name is “vinny”. Notice how
Paul walker aka “brian” died and now “Vin” diesel will now take the
role…. weird huh?

QuackersJackers says:

Just to put this out there. Early on I noticed comments in many different
articles and videos stating the lack of skid marks (only one small one I
think?) Yesterday CNN is going on and on about skid marks. They kept on
going back to some marks that were a circle with a line through the center
again and again. The repeatedly said they werent sure if the marks came
from that accident but they must have showed them at least ten times in
about ten minutes. They were obviously responding to the question of where
are the marks. Another mechanic was also chiming in saying that the car
looked like it had exploded. If you look at other pics of the same type of
car after accidents they dont look all ripped apart. Would you want this
car if it was that unsafe?The whole thing smells rotten. Thanks for the

Jesse Glass says:

We need to go deeper

Anthony Bonckowski says:

Let’s not forget Princess Diana’s car crash. Same story said and done. 

Elena Munoz says:

hes smart and has proof

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