JFK Assassination: Watch The Limo Driver

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quickineedausername says:

I don’t think the driver shot him, but him turning around looks like some sort of signal for whoever shot him to shoot him

Travis Burns says:

You must be a paranoid person, you talk about satan (as if he exists). You have “V” as your profile pic, and I bet money that you are a retarded conspiracy loon.

xmassan20906 says:

Why doesn’t the secret service agent in the front passenger seat jump on top of the president especially since the limo isn’t accelerating out of there and there’s no agents on the running boards.

Pao Xiong says:

looks like right when the driver looked over at jfk, he got shot

EnlightenTheMC says:

Everyone thinks the killer was male… what makes you think it wasn’t she who killed Kennedy

Mslattts91 says:

The limo driver did not shoot nor have a gun. What seems to look like a gun is actually the sun shining back on the passengers head. Look it up on youtube

palletboy1975 says:

Agreed…Although in America the driver would of been on the left side.

tim a Russell says:

well Oswald may have been shooting but he never hit kennedy. I don’t think the limo driver was in on it. Kennedy’s head was nearly blown off- in fact only his hair and scalp were holding the back of his head in place.
a friend of mine told me his dad was working the ER at Parkland Hospital where Kennedy was taken..he was DOA- and the back of his head was leaking liquified brain matter- his brain stem was shattered . Next was to pin Oswald with the crime and assasinate him, which is what happened

xXMrGamePlayerXx says:

that is not the arm of the driver, it is the head of the guy next to him going backwards to the seat….it is also reflecting the sunlight…

Jake Sandlin says:

The driver turned around right before the second shot was fired, blowing JFK’s head open, the proposed conspiracy is that the driver fired the 2nd shot.

jockme1 says:

Show me where you got that info from?

Tommy Hargrove says:

He was shot from behind and in front – there were two gunmen,Oswald and Greer.This was organized murder.

ty moo says:

because he was shot in the body from behind see him grabbing his heart area

stu79fe says:

It looked to me like the driver turned around and shot Kennedy at 0.27 into the clip!
So that’s why she climbed on the back of the car……
I always thought that was strange!

Phidias Chiin says:

Find all on Gou Achi on Google+

bonnie dobson says:

.joseph Kennedy,father of JFK,fought for financial and polictical aid from Northern Mob bosses in the democratic campaign and the election;he was a tycoon and had loose ties dating back to prohibition days bootlegging with Frank Costello. He reached out the mafiosi sometimes for aid in business and other matters. the mafiosi aided in the election of JFk..(Sam Giancana_Chicago) When Robert Kennedy became Attorney general, he tried to dismantle the Cosa Nostra ,Jfk’s death was the result…..

dahartman88 says:

Looks like miss kennedy is trying to catch a bouncing shell case on the back of that limo to me. Tinfoil space helmet on ready for evacuation of mankind from these DEMON-SAPIENS and their sick sadistic murdering slaving paws.

Dboy Dose says:

He wasn’t shot from behind, contrary to the official version. You can see his head fly backwards and the back of his skull blows out, because the bullet came from in front.

Declan Fegan says:

yeah I know, thats a very cool camera!

sandra johnson says:

How could the driver have fired a shot if Kennedy was shot from behind?

CheckNate22 says:

Lol what a comment.

Axle Bombshell says:

Look at that guy IN PLANE VIEW

Brandyn Sackaney says:

enhance…. enhance

Charles Olsen says:

Pause at 0:27 and you can see the pistol in his hand clearly

alvaro araujo says:


youarewrongification says:

First shot came from behind; hit kennedy and into the front passenger. Second shot came from the pistol in the drivers hand.

MonniJae says:

that’s the FIRST time i ever see it that clearly. wtf

Delticola says:

What do you mean by Illuminati? All this proves is that by the time the limo driver reached a certain point he was expecting a gun shot to the head of the president and he looked too soon. So it pretty much proves to me the limo driver was in on it…It was Johnson,& Hoover. If u watch the doc. on “the men who killed kennedy” you’ll know for yourself. It’s not the only murder Hoover did/ signed off on. When agents killed they often had “neutralize” orders on paper that Hoovers signed.

Aaron LeBlanc says:


brihooke says:

So let me get this straight…. The driver did it at close range?!?!? I hardly think so! If he was stupid enough to do it in front of so many witnesses, he’d have to be too stupid to carrry it off. Never mind the fact that Mrs Kennedy and the Governor, who were the closest witnesses to what happened in the car, never said a word about what they would have to have seen according to your story. Another Spexpert story!

darly63 says:

That’s what you get for doing over a blonde! Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned :/

Grayson Causey says:

he really did it he turned back at the exact time the bullet was shot.

ar87ace says:

you don`t need to scream about it…

mastersofhardcore69 says:

dude im pretty sure it was meant to be a sarcastic comment…. relax.

T. E. Hill says:

How does this video prove that the Illuminati is real? Explain.

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