JFK Assassination Movie Recreation Of The Assassination Sequence In Dealey Plaza

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7071t6 says:

The only issue i have is the 312 to 313 Z frames, it’s about 2 inches that JFK’s head moves forward,then back to the left after Z 313, also that Dan Rather seen the Z film that weekend & said his head moved violently forward, now maybe just reading a script, if so, then it’s mistake of the century or maybe thats what he seen ? & they edited that part out, but it’s in the frames, also i have said that the current X on Elm is about 4 to 6ft out based on my research & that 8 /10 shot’s were fired?

J Boog says:

the timing is way off. sad really. rule #1 as a editor, timing.

Sailorsfriend says:

Yes, the shooting sequence and – all – sounds are FICTION ! The original Zapruder film a) was not able to record sounds and b) e.g. the first reaction of the president on a shot into his throat (rising up arms) occured, when je re-appeared from behind the traffic sign and NOT, when the presidents limousine was some meters left from the traffic sign at 1′:12′. While this film presents good optical quality it has the great fault to differ from the original Zapruder film in important details!

SCGATOR2001 says:

This shooting sequence scenario is NOT correct.

MANY witnesses said the last two shots were BANG-BANG. Taking other independent evidence you can show rather easily

Z313 JFK head shot from right front, entered in hairline just forward of right ear and exited his head in right rear with massive exit wound
0.7 seconds later
Z325 TSBD #3 shot missed JFK’s head and hit Connally in the back, exited his chest and broke his wrist.

See my video “0.7 Seconds to Conspiracy: PROVING” watch?v=ZQLxlSBGwMY

SCGATOR2001 says:

“0.7 Seconds to Conspiracy:PROVING” watch?v=ZQLxlSBGwMY shows there is a way to PROVE what happened during the shooting by using TWO independent ways to time the shots.

Z178 TSBD#1 wounded James Tague
Z202 Left front shooter through windshield, JFK neck wound
Z224 TSBD#2 Bullet fragmented, Connally’s left leg CE840
Z313 Grassy Knoll, JFK entered forward of right ear in hairline, blew out massive hole in back of head
Z325 TSBD#3 missed JFK’s head, hit Connally in back
BANG-BANG heard by many!

SCGATOR2001 says:

My video “0.7 Seconds to Conspiracy:PROVING” shows how to use TWO independent sets of evidence to determine what happened during the shooting.

There are TWO ways to determine the timing of the shots. The video shows that the last three shots were 4.8 seconds and 0.7 seconds apart. The gubermint worked really hard to hide this but the information is available that allows YOU to easily verify what I show.

Once you know conspiracy is a fact, the house of cards quickly collapses to WHO & WHY

PrisonEarth says:

Another Dallas Officer named DV Harkness encountered more men that claimed to be SS agents behind the TSBD building several minutes after the shooting. Harkness told the Warren Commission that he was unable to verify their identity. Shortly after the assassination Ft Worth Police stopped a car for speeding, the men inside all claimed to be SS agents and that they were heading for New Orleans regarding the assassination and were let go. The SS had no official record of this trip.

william miller says:

I never heard this before. Thank you.

jfkcomspiracyfact says:

So 4 shots in this recreation. Definitely portraying a conspiracy.

Master Warning says:

If this is an accurate recreation .. sure looks like multiple shooters

PrisonEarth says:

Two Dallas Police Officers ran behind the fence immediately after the shooting where they found a man who claimed to be Secret Service but that was never verified, officially there were no SS agents on the ground in Dealey Plaza. The man behind the fence was later ID’d by Seymour Weitzman as Bernard Barker, a Cuban born CIA agent and longtime FBI informant and future Watergate Burglar.

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