Malaysian Airline Missing Flight 370 Conspiracy Theory Continues

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US Officials Malaysia Airplane Communications Shut Down Separately…


Perfekt says:

If you wanted to load that plane with explosives or a nuclear weapon, what
would be the target in that part of the world? China, India or maybe it
went down, time ‘might’ tell.

Lou Montana says:

This is another Republican False Flag at work. Just watch what happens

CreatorOwned says:

This sounds like another False Flag operation by the United States
Government (like 9/11, Sandy Hook, Oklahoma City Bombing, the Boston
Bombing, etc.) An Iranian passport? How convenient, Iran, just the country
the United States wants to invade…just like Iraq.

dragsterfan420 says:

The lady doesn’t tell you that the the satellite information, “radar uhh
blip if you will”, came from Boeing that relayed data/information from the
planes engines. to satellites, to Boeing. It’s a maintenance protocol they
have on the plane, meaning the plane was operational where “pings” were

François Y Monfils says:

I’m wondering where in heaven’s name was the Malaysian air force? Aside
from 9-11, I’m lead to believe that as soon as contact is lost with an
airplane that military jets would be deployed to search and intercept said
airplane… Unless it’s only NORAD that does this. More than one entity got
seriously caught sleeping at the switch. This seriously stinks…

LtheYAK says:

So there saying to us the pings cant tell which direction the plane was
travelling so how do they know that the plane made a u-turn back over

777Revolutionary says:

Cant take this video srsly lol

Colin Brophy says:

The story of this flight, is to misdirect what is going on in the Ukraine
and with the current state of the economy.

RayRayBeats says:

Your narrative is the fairydust best bro. I’m getting all my news from you
from now on.

profitofdoom888 says:

there just getting us ready for the next 911

Evan Bohn says:

“By the way, these people here; they’re not related”

JDHMusic says:

As if the NSA needs anyone to give them access to anything.

barthoedemaker says:

I still go with that oil rig worker who saw what he thought a burning plane
coming down. The position is correct with the last know location when the
transponder was turned of ” or stopped working due fire ” . The debries
could have sunken allready, of shattered over a large area, because of the
currents. They should search with subs or sonar in the area.

Patricia Fleck says:

look who was on the plane and their connection to a company in the US.

cityskapesll says:

Still trying the ole “turned off the transponder” number after 13 years.

Jay B says:

ask david copperfield where it is, he’s good with this kind of stuff.

memet comet says:

uyghur muslims or their supporter muslims did this.

2kzoltan says:

This whole thing is like something out of a movie script. I love how they
love to go all hollywood on us with these staged events. 

Darth Wooser says:

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Time out, hold up….I thought Piers Morgan was
booted from Cnn.

twilightstarize says:

I don’t pretend to know anything about modern aviation or aircraft design
and mechanics, but I heard at one point in time that commercial and private
airplanes have 2 transponders…one that can be turned off and one that
can’t. Does anybody know if this is true or not?

MrBlizz003 says:

Maybe the ‘Iranians’ were Mossad?

Stephen Clementson says:

The fact that there are ‘official’ claims that contradict each other does
suggest a possible smokescreen of disinformation. But for what reason?
What is the objective, if there is an objective? Why have there been
reports of passenger’s mobile phones ringing when dialed? Is it a hijack
case, or is it one of those “danger like dagger now” cases, where the
authorities are trying to suppress potential hysteria resulting from
reports of a bizarre phenomenon?

Official Basslock says:

The majority airliner parts are buoyant.

Neta Manor says:

Pentagon lady: ‘we don’t know if its hijacking….but its at the bottom of
the Indian ocean.’ 

mattclarknyc says:

Pings, radar, transponder, blah blah blah blah blah. Here’s a word I
haven’t heard any of the talking heads use:


Hello? You mean to tell me that there isn’t a single US, Russian, Chinese,
or other satellite floating around in space that could have seen that plane
and watched where it was going? Yeah, right. Today’s satellite technology
can see people walking around on street level, so I can’t imagine it’s too
difficult for them to see a 777 flying at over 30,000 ft. 

Richard Wahmann says:

How come we aren’t being told how many children are on the flight? I wonder
if this flight ever happened? Flt # 370 on date 3/7 and it’s a Boeing 777
(3 7’s) all smells fishy and everyone knows how important numerology is
when false flags are hatched.

Jay Bruce says:

I’m just happy that the scriptwriters in the CIA didn’t use Sandy Hook
actors for this latest job. So funny the Malaysians have sat there with a
thumb up there ass all this time but luckily they ‘gave the highly
technical data to the Americans’ and they’ll know what happened. Hopefully
Robby Parker doesn’t do a press conference on this…

Matt Marriott says:

Script first suggested that the global search would end as
“extraterrestrials did it”, the “alien disclosure”.
March 15: one week later the real solution of the “puzzle” becomes obvious
with the “revelations”:
– pilot was a “political fanatic” who had just been at the trial of jailed
opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.
– search extended to Kazakhstan, well to the north of Afghanistan.

In other words: the multitude of agendas includes
– the final crack down on patriots, same as OKC 1995 in the USA or Oslo
2011 in Norway and the EU.
– setting the stage for the very last video of Obama as Osama, part pf
Obama’s detonation.

Reduced to one sentence: Soon to be disclosed that the terrorist pilot flew
the plane to Osama Bin Laden in or near Afghanistan.


m00nshine2004 says:

This whole thing makes no sense. Who turned the transponder off? Why?
What’s the point of hijacking a plane and crashing it into the sea unless
you say why? 

Lord Humungus IVe says:

SO, what did the RADARS of neighboring nations pick up? Here’s another
FACTOID: After 9/11, it was made absolutely impossible for hijackers to
turn off the transponders.

4390100 says:

After the 9/11 event, everybody now knows that passenger planes can do
almost anything they want them to do. Since passenger planes are so strong
now days and can travel right through multiple solid steel beams like it
was butter, they can now probably dive into the ocean to reappear on the
other side of the globe, so no doubt they should start searching for that
plane somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. Kinda like the conspiracy theory,
that those that need to know, know exactly where that plane went, but
that’s just a conspiracy theory, just like all the news we are hearing
about MH370.

yourtv says:

Are you getting afraid of flying?

classycynic1 says:

barbara starr is a total crisis actress cnn tool and probably cia

ben dockerill says:

hahaha love this vid !

jollymelloncolly says:

Why do they put the transponders some were a terrorist can get to them and
switch them off. Hide them so no one can just switch them off including
pilot’s that may be feeling all suicidal something stinks about the way
this is being handled.

dolphwong says:

Its all in the numbers. /watch?v=BadtGSTFrg8

nayerelson says:

Old bald-“We are looking at it very carefully.”
Manify-“I am too..”

Danielle Denise says:

Okay, what I never understood was how a couple “terrorists” compared to
hundreds on a flight can take over?!!! Was the pilot and co-pilot in on
this as well? There was 200 something people on the flight and TWO shady
people and you mean to tell me it’s possible they took over that big ass
flight?!!!!! This situation is NOT good at all. Something definitely
screams foul play!!!!!!!

OnceZiosPrincess says:

Wouldn’t this support the claim reported, by an oil rig worker? Why isn’t
this being investigated. Why isn’t more being said about it. Fishy indeed.

“A team of seismologists at one of China’s top universities said they had
detected a slight seismic event on the sea floor between Vietnam and
Malaysia on March 8, which might be consistent with an airplane crashing
into the sea, and possibly related to the missing Malaysian Airlines flight
MH370. ”

kolby77cobra says:

4 days after flight went missing a patent is approved. 4 of the 5 patent
holders are Chinese employees of Freescale Semiconductor of Austin, TX.
Peidong Wang, Suzhou, China (20%), Zhujun Chen, Suzhou, China (20%),
Zhihong Cheng, Suzhou, China (20%), Li Ying, Suzhou, China (20%), Freescale
Semiconductor (20%). If a patent holder dies, the remaining holders equally
share the dividends. If 4 of the 5 die, remaining 1 holder gets 100%.
Remaining 1 holder is Freescale Semiconductor. Who owns Semiconductor?
Jacob Rothschild through Blackstone who owns Freescale. Here is your motive
for the missing plane as all 4 Chinese members of the patent were
passengers on the plane.

7digitalSunday says:

the ghost of Amelia earhart stole it .
TW’mUp , you heard about the police checkpoints in 30 cities asking
drivers to “donate” dna samples for a random sampling. and they pay the
person $50-$100 for their sample? 

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