Cartoon Conspiracy Theory | The Truth Behind Invader Zim

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Benjamin Lopez says:

Do Danny Phantom! !!!!!!! Please

Octavia Smith says:

Just enjoy the theories. You don’t have to believe them it is just a fun
thing to think about. Don’t take it to the heart.

randomaussiegurl1 says:

Haha, right? This theory is far too tame for the imagination of Jhonen.

Mike Rubino says:

Does anyone think Gir has ADHD?

Zombiescavenger808 says:

Can’t stop watching help my childhood is gone

SirPiglet2000AD says:

This theory is LITTERALLY a joke in the first episode.

ZimsShitz says:

your thumbnail is my pic!

Unity Of Factors says:

meh, jhonen vasquez made invader zim. the guy who made the twisted Johnny
the homicidal maniac. if there is a conspiracy, Jhonen took zim and slowly
tortured him until he lied about what he was. Then killed him slowly

TayTard Tots says:

it’s not DIBS its DIB -o-

Ryou Bunny says:

Ow my feels–

KareenaKatkaif4life says:

@vdopswc yeah yeah we all know that! AND! ive been wasting my time with
this game all day have a look its tight ==>

Anthony Konyecsni says:

what map were u playing

juan rodriguez says:

ZiM is so cute kuz he’s a ranging miget. GiR,however,is SO FUQIN CUTE!!!

hoff meister says:

Its just… Zim is an small Alien with huge greatness mandens.. He even
allmost blew The irken homeworld In a bloodrage… He is not imagining
things he is just to stupid to take over The World.. To childish In his

Juliet Wittwer says:

that makes me so saaaaaaaaaaaad!!! ;-; but… I will always believe that
zims an alien in real life, like in the show ;p

stendhalsyndrum says:

teen titans was based off the comic book “teen titans” idk what kinda
conspiracy theory youre gonna get outa that

DYN Gamer says:

I can come up with a theory for billy and mandy

Killi Ross says:

What about tak?! And siz loor?!

brendan swinehart says:

It already has a storyline they explained it in the first episode

Steven mark says:

minor problem with the theroy what about the stuff that effects all the
other kids are they all faking to? still good theroy though

Asasin Nation says:

Insane amount of points at 4:40

tim tom says:


tim tom says:

kinda like the ending to black ops 2 aombies

dakota nicolson says:

wow i thought this one would be really messed up when its actually really

G Mason says:


Irken Bess says:

this was really cool it makes zim sound cute and ciel michaelis theory is
stupid kmacks makes him sound like a little kid. CUTE!!!

bazookaman vibe says:

you ruind my childhood

Kolby Crase says:

I like to SCREAMM

Kolby Crase says:


James Cole says:

This theory makes the show less disturbing if you think about it.

Angel Juliet says:

I don’t agree with this theory

Mysticsloth says:

that’s a pretty stupid idea….

KarlAndArma4ever says:

…Zim suffers from harlequin ichthyosis in this conspiracy theory…

Nathan Forbes says:

I’ve been watching alot of these well it’s official I no longer have a

Giovanny Laguerre says:

I’m sorry, but these conspiracies, are retarded. I’d like to enjoy at least
hearing them but they are just too ridiculous.

s nasulme says:

how bout beavis and butt head, catdog, and rein and stimpy

Michael Mulea says:

Ouch! Right in the childhood…

Ortegon Carlos says:

kmack bro you should do a cartoon theory on the swat kats

Ortegon Carlos says:

im sure this will be in depth theroy on the swat kats

Eli Meanspro says:

i MEAN sometimes there youre favorite cartoons like this one but seriesly
sometimes i dont want to watch it :P

amado1130 says:

Dib Memebrane Gaz Memebrane

lelicitas juarez says:


Shadowfang1031 says:

Invader zim = best cartoon ever!

drago mitrovic says:

Heres one about ed edd n eddy theres alot of people who say that there in a
partagory or whatever i suck at spelling but this is my cutome theory about
double d mainly double d and ed there both actully brothers because the
reason hes smarter is because there a type of twins ones samrt and ones
dumb and they dont look a like but they are twins and sarah is just double
d’s girl friend ed is so dumb that he thinks that hes adopted by sarah’s
parents because double d and sarah spend alot of time

drago mitrovic says:

together and that double d spends more time and likes edd more then the
other ed is because he’s trying to fix ed’s special problems and kevin
dosent pick on the other two edds cause kevin know about ed’s condition and
how double d is trying to help him

Quilliam Keystrokes says:

It’s this sort of mostly irrelevant response that gives us a bad name.

JayNPay says:


Rhett Gedies says:

This theory is kinda poor. There is an instance in the show where a large
group of Alien Nerds hold a convention because they find his spaceship.
Explain that one. And why does Zim live alone if he is a adopted child? Are
you suggesting that robot mom and dad are his foster parents?! They are
total idiots! How about the episode where Dib and Gaz go to the Shadow Hog
dimension? Just enjoy the show……not all cartoons have a secret overall
message that makes them “realistic.” Total bunk.

Quilliam Keystrokes says:

Not anymore, apparently.

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