The New American Order – Welcome to 2013.

The New American Order – Welcome to 2013.

Article by Baphomet2013

It used to be rumored that by the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar on December 21, 2012, the world as we knew it would change forever. Of course at the time this theory was posed all anyone could do was speculate as to the exact means by which our world would be altered.

Scientist, physicists, astronomers and philosophers all tossed their two cents in the pot hypothesizing on theories ranging from a polar shift to an alien invasion, from a solar maximum to the second coming. All anyone knew for certain was that the times, well, they were a changing.

As time passed and the day drew ever closer our planet’s peculiar geological mood-swings only encouraged the zealots and conspiracy buffs to stand up on their respective podiums and preach the word of whatever Gods they held faith to by way of apocalyptic doomsday scenario and fiery judgment day. And honestly, who could blame them?

The year 2010 itself brought not just one but two devastating earthquakes along the west coast of North America the likes of which had never been previously recorded in our civilized nation’s short history. The 2010 Winter Olympics were devastated as the earth opened up, shook the mountains flat, and swallowed tens of thousands of her citizens in a blink.

Along with the death toll accumulated by the tsunami that followed, over 100,000 men, women and children lay dead, or at the least displaced and severely injured, including athletes and representatives from more than 120 countries from around the globe.

Three weeks later the earth erupted yet again off the coast of Los Angles and a hideous sense of d�j� vu overcame the populace as the great city of lights and magic was swept into the sea along with all of its inhabitants. Not shook, nor smashed, but buried in its entirety beneath countless millions of gallons of sea water.

The truth is that after the rumbling abated, the ones who had been living near the coast were considered lucky in comparison to the millions who had been living farther East. The entire south west of the United States had been transformed into a third world nation overnight, leaving countless millions without water, power or provisions.

The months that followed saw a great divide among the people of the United States when, for the first time, a state of complete martial law was enacted and the President ordered its army to police its own populace. Tens of thousands of newly homeless families were ordered to find haven in what could best be described as concentration camps along the mid west where the military oversaw their containment and care in an effort to keep the mass hysteria and anarchy rule from spilling over into the central and eastern states. If not for the timely end to the war in Iraq, I doubt the States would have had the manpower to contain the madness.

As far as the rest of the world was concerned, record heat and record cold made for its fair share of chaos and disaster; everything one would expect from disappearing lakes to landslides to forest fires and so on. A string of volcanoes erupted in South America around mid June taking several major cities to dust and ash and blocking out the sun for three weeks throughout most of Antarctica producing an ensuing heat wave that set record temperatures worldwide.

I could go on for days with regard to the complete devastation that bled through the world between the start of 2010 and the end of 2011 but I would only be redundant stating things that you might already assume given the direction we were headed.

No, it would be much more prudent to mention the conjoining of our three North American nations into one unionized super state dubbed the North American Union (NAU) in the spring of 2011, as this came as quite a shock to most people of the time.

It was not just North America either. By December of that year we as a species bore witness to the formation of six new super states in the forms of a South American Union, Middle Eastern, African, Asian and the for mentioned North American. Lastly, the coalition bonded between China and Russia which would in the months that followed begin to devour the nearby satellite countries by means of forced occupation and fire fights, thus expanding its borders to touch upon those of the Middle East and Europe.

This action to no great shock prompted a new war between the allied European and North American Unions as well as several supporting nations against the new China Russia alliance not one year after the end of the bloody battle in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It began with an attack on several countries which had just made application to join NATO. This was considered an assault on NATO itself and ergo an act of war perpetrated against the entire civilized world.

To no surprise this prompted several other nations to begin their own onslaught and with the Americas attention diverted Iran, Syria and several other nearby supporters allied against Israel. The war lasted six days and ended in a mushroom cloud that encapsulated the entire country of Iran. Israel had dropped the bomb and drawn first blood.

The complete madness that swept through the Middle East after this act is something that I cannot begin to explain. Most of the media was speculative at best, considering there was a complete media blackout in the zones that had been contaminated as a result of the fallout and it was rumored that over the next three weeks some seventeen more nuclear bombs were detonated in the area local to Israel, Lebanon and Iraq before all sign of civility and structure gave way to a state of waste and poison. In the end the allied nations were forced to pull out and abandon the area completely.

The winter winds carried the fallout to the north and the east and eventually over the majority or Eastern Europe and Asia. The war was halted on all fronts by all parties and the troops came home. Fear of poisoned air and water gripped the world’s imagination and the what-ifs that came with such an act got the best of most people.

Before the NAU cut off all contact and communication with the world outside of its borders. It was rumored that all of Europe, Asia and Africa had erupted into a state of complete anarchy and mob rule and that all forms of production had come to a complete halt leaving people to fight and die for their dinner. This stacked atop the global economic crisis, the threat of nuclear war spilling across the ocean, food shortages, and a planet gone mad with disaster turned the governing bodies of the three sister nations to an Orwellian concept of social order that would force every man, woman and child to be chipped with an RFID tracking device that would host not only the person’s name and personal information but their finances as well. If anyone were to become even the slightest bit unruly the government need only flick a switch and turn their chip off leaving them with nothing, not even an identity. Rumors that the chips were implanted with a suicide code that could enter a lethal toxin into the bloodstream on command were also popular myths in some circles.

It took only a few short weeks for a rebel alliance of patriotic conspiracy theorists and equal rights activists to form and go underground in order to combat the new fascist state of which they had become the unwitting occupants. This led to what some called a civil war between the common people and the military but what the news media referred to as “home grown terrorism”. People were ripped from their beds at night never to be seen again. Soldiers marched through the streets of major cities, citizens were too frightened to speak freely in open spaces.

By the middle of 2012, once the censorship began to ease, news began to pour in through internet channels describing a desolate wasteland over run by poorly designed AI combat robots which were built as a means of fighting hostiles in environments unfit for humans. Images of a post-apocalyptic desert littered with the remains of dead cities flashed across screens nationwide, and a new fear surfaced when the first pictures of this artificially intelligent combat drone hit the airwaves.

We were now faced with a reality that not two years previous was the stuff of science fiction and fantasy. A land not unlike the haphazard merging of Mad Max with The Terminator was now a defined reality in what were once Europe and Asia, the Middle East and Africa. The possibility of this reality finding its way across the ocean and onto our soils prompted the inception of a North American A.I. program in order to design bigger, faster, stronger androids to defend against the metal monsters overseas.

Sadly, Murphy is not without a sense of humor. On the very day that the first 10,000 of these operational sentient killing machines rolled off the assembly line a huge solar flare penetrated the earth’s atmosphere causing a massive twenty-four hour heat wave of some fifty degrees Celsius effectively shorting out every piece of electronic equipment on earth cutting power across the grid, sending the entire planet spiraling back into the dark ages. No more internet, no more cell phones, no more cable TV or microwaves, lights or heat. No more modern world whatsoever.

September 11th, 2012, was the day the lights went out. This only lasted three weeks but it was enough downtime to bring society so close to the brink that when the lights finally did come back on there was little our governing bodies could do but go underground before their bodies were tossed to the mob.

The White House was burned to the ground after a three day onslaught amidst the DC riots and some three thousand civilian bodies were left littered around the Pentagon after an attempted upheaval of its grounds by the residents who had come to blame all of their woes and trials on their organized government.

Churches and state buildings alike were torn to their foundations and everything from local corner stores to the Cost-Cos were cleaned out and torn apart. By November the last signs of civility had gone from our society and North America was no better off than the rest of the world. It was whispered that the government officials and corporate tycoons had vanished to their respective underground lairs in search of sanctuary but it was only speculation. All anyone knew for sure was that, as a race, we were now totally alone, no rule, no law no hope. It was then that the machines came back online.

The army of robot soldiers that the military had built to combat the sentinels across the pond started making appearances in every major city across the continent attacking anything that had breath. No one was sure if it was an attempt to regain control by the nation’s leaders or simply technology run amuck but either way they were here and we were fighting a battle that we could not possibly win.

Humanity scattered into pockets and anyone looking to live another day went underground. Families disappeared into their basements and mock gangs with street weapons took over subway stations and shopping malls. People were not only fighting the machines but one another for territory and inventory.

By December, the smart ones had fled to the countryside taking to forests and mountains in the Canadian north. Many tried to go south but global warming mixed with the aftermath of the solar flare had turned most of the land south of Chicago into a desert. Likely the nuclear fallout had made its way across the sea and had a generally depressing effect on their local flora and fauna, as well. Stories of cannibalism spread as food supplies dwindled and animals vanished. It was said that it took ten percent of the effort put into killing a deer in order to kill a man and I suppose this only encouraged the hunt.

It was also about this time, early winter, when the first rumors of the reptilians began to make their way past the lips of the common man. People began speaking about reptilian humanoids creatures abducting people, appearing then disappearing in the same second. People professed to see children dragged off kicking and screaming by small groups of these man-like creatures with scales and jet black slits for eyes. Some assumed that this was a form of mutation brought on by the unforeseen results of a nuclear war overseas, others believed that these creatures were, in fact, reptilian humanoids that had been living underground for thousands of years brought to the surface for one reason or another and still others believed that these were aliens from another planet who had come to take our world during this opportune period in our history. The truth is all you could go on were rumors and hearsay because nobody truly knew anything.

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